About this site:

This website was created in an attempt to offer some relaxing alternatives to the very high stress world we live in today. My name is Stephen Roof and I'm responsible for everything on this site.  I’m only one person and I make plenty of mistakes.  When you find a mistake, let me know here as I’m counting on you to be my editors.  I also have my own set of opinions which may be different than yours and a well developed sense of humor (immature according to my wife).  As a result, I’m bound to offend some folks and, if so, I apologize.   In addition, my attempts to add humor may involve stretching the truth.  I don’t guarantee anything on this site and all opinions are my own unless credit is given to another contributor.

I started this site in response to my own high stress job.  I’ve been working as a mechanical engineer for over 25 years. A few years ago, I changed jobs and joined a PV solar cell manufacturing company. Previously, I spent 17 years working for a large electronics company in the U.S. as a manufacturing tooling development engineer.  With so many manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas, I decided to expand my skill set beyond the manufacturing arena.

When I thought about creating a website with an emphasis on the life side of the work-life balance, I decided I should focus on my favorite activities of which reading is at the top of the list.