By Robert Charles Wilson

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Rating: Excellent Sequel
3 Stars

First Published: 2007
US Jacket Illustrated by:  Dave Seeley
Pages: 303

Review © 2009 by Stephen Roof
Genre:  Science Fiction




Axis by Robert Charles Wilson is an excellent sequel to Spin.  Some of the speculations begun in Spin are extended further, especially in regards to more details about the “hypotheticals”.  There are also new mysteries, as well as, a more traditional story about the dangers of a CIA like government organization. 

I liked the characterizations better in Axis than in Spin.  The main characters, Lise and Turk, were realistically flawed and experienced a believable romance.  Because this novel is a sequel, it doesn’t have the originality of Spin but it does a good job of extending some of the ideas.  The weakest aspect of Axis was the last part of the book where the plot kind of fizzled out.  However, if you enjoyed Spin, this is a must read follow up that is, in some ways, better than the first novel.  If you haven’t read Spin, it would be worthwhile to read the books in order.