The Quick and Easy Way to Make Lattes at Home

With a home espresso machine that is designed for E.S.E. pods, making high quality lattes becomes quick and easy.  Follow the steps below to make a terrific latte in less than 4 minutes, even without a professional double boiler espresso machine.  The trick is to use a microwave oven to heat up the milk instead of steaming it with your espresso machine.  This allows you to make the espresso at the same time the milk is being heated.  With this method, you'll also need to have a battery operated milk frother in order to quickly and easily froth the milk.  (A milk frother can usually be purchased for $25 to $30 and they make great gifts.)

To make your morning latte as quick and easy as possible, you'll need the following items on hand:

Easy directions for quick, top quality lattes:

  1. Turn on your E.S.E pod capable espresso machine at least 20 minutes ahead of the time you want to make your latte so the machine has plenty of time to fully heat up.  If you don't have time to wait, see the Quick Heat-Up option following the main directions.
  2. Make sure your water reservoir for your espresso machine is adequate.  
  3. Pour 1 cup (8 oz) of milk or soy milk into a microwaveable 12 oz coffee cup.  
  4. Place your coffee cup in the microwave and set the time to bring the milk up to just below boiling temperature (2 min 22 seconds on my microwave).  Continue the following steps while the milk is being heated.
  5. Optional:  Pull a blank shot with your espresso machine (run the espresso machine without a pod so that hot water is forced through the portafilter to ensure the portafilter is fully up to temperature).
  6. Insert the E.S.E. pod in the portafilter pod holder in the correct orientation (orientation doesn't matter on some pods).
  7. Make sure you have your espresso cup placed under your machines portafilter.
  8. Pull your shot of espresso following the instructions for your machine.  Take care not to over-extract (don't extract more than 1 oz of espresso)
  9. Remove and dispose of the spent pod (pods are compostable).
  10. For a double shot latte, repeat steps 6-9.

    If you're going to make another latte, skip the next step.

  11. Pull a blank shot with your espresso machine (run the machine without a pod to force hot water through the portafilter in order to wash out the coffee residue.
  12. Remove your hot coffee cup from the microwave and add sweetener, if desired.
  13. Use the Aerolatte milk frother to mix the sweetener and froth the milk until you've formed the desired amount of creamy foam.
  14. Pour the espresso into the frothed milk and mix with the Aerolatte, if desired.
  15. Enjoy!

Quick Heat-Up Option:

  1. After first turning on your espresso machine, allow it to heat up until the machine indicates it has reached full temperature (usually 3 to 5 minutes).  
  2. Pull at least a couple of blank shots with your espresso machine (run the espresso machine without a pod so that hot water is forced through the portafilter to heat it up).
  3. Go to the main procedure and make sure to include step 5 (pull another blank shot).